The Spacious School library has extensive collection of text and reference books. The library is also equipped with a wide variety of magazines, periodicals and newspapers with reading room facilities. The School Library is a nerve centre for learning and open to all students of the school during school hours. All classes are provided with one library period per week. Students can borrow books for one week from the Library. Transportation School provides own transport facilities. All matters related to the conveyance should be referred to the school office and our transport manager. Medium of Instruction The medium of institution is English as per rules of CBSE Examination, New Delhi. The School also has the provision of teaching of Hindi as second language.

With latest computer in a Local Area Network makes it an ideal place for the students to nurture their Information jdechnology skills with full time faculties to assist the students and curriculum designed aptly for the students.

Well equipped and growing/Modern and up-to-date learning facilities, has enough for all lab-based subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology according to the prescription of the Board has a major collection of science and other project-works.

To understand anything, visual effect is very important. So, we have introduced chapter wise smart classes for all subjects.

Motivation creates interest’ - That is the reason every year we take the students to Educational excursion on merit basis. Sometimes students are also taken to nearby places like museums, movies and magic shows to develop their thinking outlook.

‘Health is Wealth’ - Therefore, every year we organise free Health check-up camp in collaboration with Reputed Health *— Organisations for our students.

According to CBSE curriculum all the students are given fitness classes everyday under the strict guidance of proficient teachers.